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Salle de Restaurant - Hôtel de la Mairie - Embrun


in Embrun

The Hotel de la Mairie restaurant is open every day, except Tuesday.

Lunch from 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm

Dinner from 7.00 to 9.00 pm

Socially distanced tables, virtual menus and well-trained staff, for an experience that’s both friendly and serene.

The Chef crafts mouth-watering food, served in the dining room or on the terrace. Check out the carefully-crafted, traditional cuisine, using mostly local produce. Mindful of serving dishes crafted from Haute-Alpes produce, the restaurant de la Mairie has earned the label Hautes-Alpes Naturellement. The chef sources seasonal, top quality produce, direct from the farmer.

The dining room looks out onto the sun-drenched terrace with views of a small square in Embrun town centre. You can enjoy your lunch or dinner indoors or out, depending on the season.

Restaurant menu

Menu pricing

Starter + main dish or Main dish + dessert 23 €

Starter + main dish + dessert 28 €

Price per dish

Starters 8 €

Main Dishes 18 €

Cheese and desserts 8 €

brasserie hautes alpes
hotel restaurant de la mairie

Pre-dinner tapas for sharing

  • The House platter: Champsaur ravioli, raw ham, home-made tapenade, toast and cherry tomatoes €9.00
  • The Hautes-Alpes cold meat platter: Caillette by Maison Bernard, andouillette and sausage, toast and condiments €9.00
cuisine de saison embrun


  • Gorgeous slice of pâté pasty, with condiments
  • Hot, crunchy camembert salad, sucrine lettuce, grilled pork belly, croutons, onion chutney
  • Ravioli from Champsaur, 100% local, young shoot salad
  • Local tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, basil pesto
  • Starter of the day, see the board
restaurant de la mairie Embrun

Main dishes

  • Fillet of trout from Châteauroux a la plancha, 100% local, summer veggies
  • Local spinach speciality au gratin, 100% local, pancake and spinach, light white sauce, lettuce
  • Giant hot camembert salad, sucrine lettuce, grilled pork belly, croutons, onion chutney
  • Pan-fried chicken with parsley seasoning, baby potatoes
  • Charolais beef burger, Alpine cheese, tomato, red onion, French fries
  • Charolais beef tartare, raw or lightly cooked, French fries
  • Grilled Black Angus sirloin steak, house butter, French fries + €3.50
  • Ravioli from Champsaur, 100% local, young shoot salad
  • The main dish of the day, see the board
clafouti et dessert fait maison

Cheese and dessert

  • Hautes-Alpes cheese platter 100% local
  • Hautes-Alpes apple tart, 100% local,
  • Warm cherry pie
  • Chocolate mousse, cat’s tongue wafers
  • Sliced pineapple, red fruit coulis
  • Ice cream by Luc Eyriey, choice of flavours
  • Dessert of the day, see the board
  • Coffee and nibbles, Tea and nibbles, +€1
terrasse de l'hôtel de la mairie

Kids’ menu

  • For under-12s, the price of menu = child’s age
  • Kids’burger or Fish’n’Chips,